Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Car Insurance - On The Rise(By Chris Rowlands)

You’d expect the price of any insurance policy to increase over time due to inflationary demands. Perhaps worryingly a 10% increase has been noted in the car insurance sector over the course of the last year and this trend seems set to continue.
According to a report actioned by Deloitte, the findings of which were released earlier in the week, the average third party policy has risen from £473 in August last year to £519 this August. If we take a look at the average cost of comprehensive cover this has shown a rise of 4% in the last year now standing at £458.
Many believed the prices would start to drop with the introduction of financial comparison sites which in their simplest form compare a range of financial products and then return a list of quotes for the customer.
It was thought that the competitiveness these aggregator sites would bring about would cause the insurance companies to review their prices in an attempt to remain the cheapest.
The question is; why have we suffered a period of sustained increase on our car insurance policies and is this trend really set to continue?
The underlying cause it would seem is the current economical instability of the entire financial market and the cause and effect of Bank of England base rate increases. This was no doubt made worse by the huge influx of home insurance claims the insurers faced during the terrible flooding experienced in summer.
With the total claims figure said to stand between £2-3 billion you can see why an increase on the average price of a policy might be necessary if the insurance companies are to maintain their profit margins.
Of course there are some things you can do to reduce the cost of your motor insurance premium, these include; shopping around, altering the voluntary excess of the policy, removing unwanted options, installing an alarm system if you do not already have one and above all driving safely to avoid speeding points and accidents which can cost you dearly when it comes to renewal time.
Don’t be alarmed by the increase in car insurance policies over the last year.
A good deal can still be found by making use of comparison sites and generally shopping around to find a competitive motor insurance policy.
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Triple Play - Rare But Possible!(By Victor R. Harris)

Utah’s AARP Driver Safety Program is trying to reach the major leagues by launching Operation Tripleplay this month. When October was designated as Driver Safety Month by the national office of AARP’s Driver Safety Program, the nation’s largest and oldest defensive driving course for those over 50, Utah decided to lead the way!
This rather unusual approach came about when the state coordinators were asked to come up with ways to expand the program. Because October also includes the World Series, Utah State Coordinator Ken Baldridge of Pleasant Grove, decided the triple play concept might be unusual enough to attract some attention, hoping that both Instructors and sponsors would be willing to step up to the plate and enjoy some great innings.
Baldridge hopes the publicity generated by the rather bizarre link between baseball and safe driving will alert drivers who are unaware that such a program even exists. “Also,” says Baldridge, “every driver— even those who have never had a crash or a ticket—can benefit from the course.”
To back up his claim, Baldridge has guaranteed he will personally return the $10 fee to anyone who feels he or she has not received value exceeding that amount. So far, claims Baldridge, no one has asked for a refund. With school now in session and days getting shorter the issue of traffic safety rises to a higher level.
Although more mature drivers generally have a pretty good at bat performance, an injury crash can be more devastating than it might be to a younger driver. “Crashes we might once have walked away from with only scratches and bruises can today put us in the hospital,” states Salt Lake District Coordinator Pat Brimmer.
The 8-hour class which has no exams or actual driving, teaches safety strategies and how to cope with the age-related challenges that creep into our lives, beginning usually, around the age of fifty.
Freeway driving, navigating left turns, roundabouts, new legislation dealing with highway safety and many other topics are also covered in the course. In addition to the information provided, graduates of the course are usually eligible for a discount on their automobile insurance.
“Insurance discounts is what biring most poeple into the program,” said Marie Nye, Associate State Coordinator. “However,” counters Baldridge, “by the time they finish the class, students usually agree with our contention that saving their lives is more important than saving their money!”
To locate a class nearby, call (888) 227-7669 (888-AARP-NOW)
For more information, call Baldridge at (801) 785- 0599,Marie Nye (801) 479- 1711 or Brimmer (801) 943- 4435.
OPERATION TRIPLE-PLAY1—EVERY VOLUNTEER DSP INSTRUCTOR in Utah will teach at least one class. 2—EVERY SPONSOR of classes in the past will offer a class during the month of October 3—EVERY DAY (excluding Sundays), an AARP Driver Safety class will be offered somewhere in Utah.
by Victor R. HarrisSimply Seniors News staff
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Finding Your Best Options In Discount Auto Insurance(By Jon Arnold)

Anyone shopping for auto insurance wants to get the best deal. However, working out just how to do that is harder than it sounds. One option that many people choose when hoping to lower their rate is discount auto insurance. Many companies offer this kind of insurance, but not all of them are honest. Here's some basic information to help you get the best deal on your discount auto insurance.
First, submit accurate information to be sure you get the right quote. There's nothing more frustrating than thinking you know how much your auto insurance is going to cost, then finding out the quote wasn't correct. Be sure that you mention any safety or security features that your car might have, in order to qualify for the largest number of discounts.
For example, if your car has 8 cylinders, then state that. Getting a quote on a 4 cylinder car when your car really has 6 or 8 cylinders will not cover you if you are in an accident. If you have some tickets on your driving record, you need to mention that, because they will eventually find out and it could totally void your insurance.
Once you've got a number of different quotes, it's time to compare them. Read the fine print carefully, looking for differences in coverage, special limitations, and other non-price related factors that can set one company apart from the rest. Beware of deals that seem too good to be true. The insurance company may not pay out in the end.
Be sure that the coverage on plans you're comparing is the same, or roughly the same. Watch for ceilings on payments, such as a low $50,000 in personal liability, as compared to $500,000 on another policy. While you'll want to pay the lowest amount possible per month for your discount auto insurance, you still want your coverage to be effective if your car is in an accident. You can reduce the amount you pay on insurance by raising your deductible, but be careful not to overdo that, either. You could find yourself paying a lot more out of pocket than you can afford, just by trying to save a few dollars per month.
Watch out for companies that offer suspiciously low rates, are inconsistent about what they tell you, or have poor communication. Chances are, they won't be on your side if you need to file a claim. You'll be better off with a mainstream company that you know has good customer service than with a discount auto insurance company that won't be there when you need them. Beware of hard sells and promises if doesn't seem like your insurer can make good on them.
Just because you get your insurance on the Internet doesn't mean it's really discount auto insurance. Sure, doing business online allows companies to pass some savings on. However, there's no guarantee that they'll do that. Compare a lot of different rates, and don't just limit yourself to Internet shopping if you really want to get the best discount auto insurance you can.
For more insights and further information about Discount Auto Insurance as well as getting a free no-obligation online quote, please visit our web site at
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Car Insurance for College Grads - How to Get the Best Rate(By Brian Stevens)

As a college student, you are typically insured on your parents’ policy, but once you graduate you need to buy your own. Here's how to get the best car insurance rate if you're a college grad.
Shop Around for Coverage
The first thing you need to do is to compare rate quotes by going to an insurance comparison website that will let you compare quotes from multiple insurance companies. This will save you time and money, plus the best insurance comparison websites have insurance professionals on hand to answer your car insurance questions. (See link below.)
Make sure that you compare the coverages, deductibles, and fees on every quote you get and that you read everything before you sign any paperwork.
Car Insurance Tips
To help you get the best rate on your car insurance, follow these tips:
* Ask if the insurance company offers a college grad discount. This is usually a 10-15% discount for people under age 30 who are college graduates.
* Ask about any other discounts you may qualify for. Some discounts include having a burglar alarm, anti-theft device, or anti-lock brakes installed on your car. Others include taking a drivers ed course or having a three-year accident free driving record.
* If you’re buying a new car, find out what the insurance costs will be for the models you're interested in. Your insurer can give you quotes so that you can choose a vehicle with insurance rates you can afford.
* Keep your credit history clean. Pay your bills on time and don’t accumulate too many credit cards. A poor credit score means higher car insurance rates.
* Skip the comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle if it's more than five years old.
Visit or click on the following link to get college grad rate quotes from top-rated companies and see how much you can save. You can get more auto insurance tips in their Articles section.
The authors, Brian Stevens and Stacey Schifferdecker, have spent 30 years in the insurance and finance industries, and have written a number of articles on getting cheap car insurance rates for college grads.
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cash Advance No Credit Check(By Chris Campbell)

We all run into circumstances from time to time, where a little emergency money can help us get from one paycheck to the next. It's really quite easy to get up to $1500 or more on very short notice, with no credit check required. The abundance of reliable and secure electronic access helps both in the application process, and the actual transference of money. Since most cash advance loans require no credit check, the funds can often be transferred within 24 hours of the applicant submitting a simple online form. Now, this ease of use and speed, comes with a price of course. These types of loans will cost more than loans available from your typical bank. The advantage of course, is that you don't have to leave your home, drive across town, and wait in line to speak with a bank manager. Which for most people, ranks just slightly above getting a root canal on their all time list of favorite things to do. I know it is on mine, and I know first hand what a root canal feels like.
There are times when house payments, car loans, or emergency medical expenses don't line up with payday. There's not really a lot anyone can do about that, as it's not a perfect world. That's when a quick cash advance can be a real life saver. The extra bonus of no credit check, expedites the process considerably. It means much less paperwork and waiting for the lender, and less worry and stress for the borrower. It's somewhat rare for a payday cash advance to be refused. As long as you have a bank account, and a steady source of income, then chances are pretty good that you will be approved quickly, and have funds deposited into your bank account by tomorrow.
As with all services a consumer needs, it pays to shop around. Cash advances are no exception. Rates and fees can vary from one institution to another, and some lenders offer preferred rates. As a new or repeat customer, it can be worth checking these options out. While borrowing money, is rarely an enjoyable experience, persistent creditors, and emergency situations can also cause a great deal of stress. Knowing you can get a quick cash advance, with no credit check, and have those much need funds placed into your account with 24 hours, will be sure to put your mind at ease.
To find out more about getting a cash advance, with no credit check click here: Cash Advance No Credit Check
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Fast Cash Personal Loans - Answer to your Financial Needs(By Steve C Clark)

Do you need quick cash? If yes, then a fast cash personal loan is what you should look out for. A fast payday loan or a fast cash personal loan may be the best and the quickest way to get cash that would be of help in your financial emergencies because such a loan is paid off in a lump sum. The best part is that since the processing time is very less, the loan amount is transferred in jiffy.
Application Process – Easy and Hassle free
Well the traditional way to apply would mean that it is going to consume lot of your precious time. Apart from the necessary paperwork you also have to wait for your information to be copied and verified for authentication. Thus you would have to plan your business hours so as to suit these conditions. But all of this could be avoided if you apply for the loan online because it is very easy and quick this way.
With the variety of online lenders you could choose the best among them according to your needs. All you have to do is type in your contact information, along with income source and checking account information. There is no need to fax in copies of past pay stubs or photo id with most online lenders because with their huge databases these payday companies can check your information online, providing you with a near instant response. In addition there are no credit checks too. The money is deposited directly into your checking account once your application has been approved. This takes a few hours for banks to process, but usually funds are available by the next day.
Most of the lenders list their fees and APR on their websites. If one can't find information on fees, the lender can be contacted through email or over the phone. They would get back to you immediately.
Steve Clark can tell you how to look better, live better and breathe better by giving you tips to improve your finances. He writes on loans. His ideas can help you rejuvenate your money. To find Bad credit personal loans, Secured loans, Unsecured loans, fast cash personal loan, Wedding loans, Bad credit history loans visit
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Online Home Equity Loan - Your Home Can Fetch You Money(By Steve C Clark)

Are you in need of financial assistance? Well Online home equity loans are the best bargain if you are inclined to keep your house as security. As the name suggests these loans are accessible online where one can get free loan quotes from different online lenders. Such loans are broadly classified into two types namely traditional home equity loan and home equity line of credit. These multipurpose loans can be used for home improvements, buying a car, debt clearance, carrying out wedding expenses or even going on a holiday.
Equity – Now what is that
‘Equity’ denotes the market value of borrower’s property in excess of all debts to which it is liable i.e. equity is calculated by subtracting the due payments on the home from its current value in the market. Equity of your home plays a pivotal role in determination of the loan amount. Higher equity would mean a higher loan amount. The loan amount would either be equal to or lower than the equity. Thus these loans are associated with very low rates of interest and the repayment duration is 5 to 25 years.
Details about the application procedure
Online home equity loans are provided by lenders on their online application. One has to just fill in details such as the loan amount, purpose of the loan, duration of repayment and some personal information like home address, phone numbers, etc. These loans are recognized for their quick service, easy accessibility. At the comfort of your home or office you can reach to unlimited lenders of your choice. It merely takes a few minutes to apply and the loan amount is approved as soon as possible by the lenders.
Thus online home equity loans can just be the right solution to your financial desires. The main advantage being that online lenders don’t hesitate in approval of loans for people suffering from bad credit history as there are no risks. One can also improve one’s credit score but failure to repay the loan within stipulated time could mean repossession of your house. Keeping these precautions you can enjoy the money your home can arrange apart from shelter.
Steve Clark can tell you how to look better, live better and breathe better by giving you tips to improve your finances. He writes on loans. His ideas can help you rejuvenate your money. To find Bad credit homeowner loans, Debt consolidation loans for homeowners, Homeowner personal loans, Online Home Equity Loan, Home secured loans UK visit
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Student education loan - get set for more burden-less education(By Antonio Vargas)

It is one of the most important requirements today that everyone should obtain quality education. Though it requires money, various encouragements are given by the government as well. Providing money is one of the most effective ways to encourage education and this is being done well with the help of student education loan.
Student education loan is a provision that has been made for students to encourage them so that they do not feel burdened with the lump expenses of education, nor do their parents. With student education loan, the student can be the borrower as well as the payer of the cost incurred on his education. But this of course happens when he gets employment. So this is another benefit for the students that they have to start repaying the student education loan only after they complete their study and get employed.
Student education loan is basically an unsecured loan that is available to students at a very low rate of interest as compared to other unsecured loan in the market. This is a special feature of student education loan so that more and more students take the initiative to take up higher study.
Through student education loan, all expenses that are incurred during his course of study can be covered. These may include boarding and lodging, study material, purchase of computer, stationary, laboratory expenses, course fee etc. The repayment has to be started once the borrower completes his course of study and gets employment.
Students having a bad credit history can also borrow student education loan to pursue further education. Rates are slightly higher for them but still far more affordable than other bad credit loans that are available in the market. An online research can help in getting expert advice in addition to low rates of interest.
Students should now take up more study as the opportunity of student education loan has surfaced for students. This makes it burden less for them and their parents as well.
Antonio Vargas has been associated with Student Loan Debt Consolidation.His articles provide useful knowledge to find the right financial product at the right price.To find Student education loan,student loan consolidation,student loan debt consolidation, student loan consolidation services visit
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Online Unsecured Loans - Meant For Competitive Rate Finance(By Tim Kelly)

While shopping for unsecured loan suitable deal, you wish to take maximum benefits that the loan and the lender can possibly offer you. Unsecured loans are generally costly affairs for any borrower and so taking the loan from right source is all the more important. Well, you can depend on online unsecured loans as these are carved out especially for providing host of advantages.
Online unsecured loans are meant for instantly processing the loan application so that the lender is immediately informed of his candidature for the loan. These loans are given by online lenders on their easy to fill online application requiring you to give details of loan amount, its purpose, repayment duration, home address etc. because most of the processing of the loan is done online, you get unsecured loan in time. So approval without delay is one advantage of online unsecured loans. Online lenders give unsecured loans for home improvements, buying a car, wedding, holiday tour or debt consolidation etc. these loans are provided without taking collateral from the borrowers and so are fully risk free for them.
But more than timely approval, online unsecured loans are meant for loans at competitive rates. There is a cut throat competition amongst the lenders and to combat it they tend to reduce interest rate for deserving customer. Usually borrowers with excellent or good credit history and repaying ability are given loans at comparatively lower interest rate.
But even bad credit borrowers are able to get online unsecured loans at lower interest rate compared to banks and financial companies. If bad credit people search for a suitable deal amongst online lenders and have a good repayment plan in place then getting unsecured loan from online lenders at lower rate is still possible. One can say that online unsecured loans are source of easier loans and at the same time an opportunity to improve your credit score as you pay off the loan in timely manner.
Tim Kelly is an expert in finance having completed his LLM in Finance (Master of Laws in Finance) from Institute for Law and Finance at Frankfurt University.To find Online unsecured loans, bad debt unsecured loan, bad debt business loan, bad debt fast unsecured loan that best site's you need visit
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Hard Money Borrowing -- How Does It Work? When Should You Use It?(By Sharlet Briggs)

You have a low credit score low income ...have no cashflow ...need cash quick to buy or renovate a property. You need hard or private money. Hard or private money lending is when a person with capital (read "cash") lends you money. This money comes with strings attached.
If you don’t understand the strings that are attached when you borrow hard money -- these are the rules that hard money lenders follow to protect their loan -- you will find yourself owing so much that you will never get out of debt or make a good investment.
When you have a property that is below 80% occupancy or needs major renovation, the banks won’t lend you the money, or if they do you have prepayment penalties that don't fit within your flip or refinance plan, thus eating up your profit. You need the money to purchase or renovate a home or property quickly.
The first thing to know is that the "hard money lender" doesn’t emphasize your "creditworthiness" since they are making their decision to lend based off the VALUE OF THE ITEM as collateral and NOT your ability to repay.
The second thing to know is that hard money lenders will typically only lend up to 70% MAX of the current AS IS value of the item or property; they don’t lend 100% because that is how they have plenty of equity to protect their loan should it go into default.
The third is if you understand the unspoken rules of hard money you can negotiate terms and interest rates. The hard money lender looks at you as a smart way to earn passive rates of return well in excess of typical stock funds with MUCH LESS RISK.
To play the Hard Money game, it is important you follow these rules closely.
Rule 1: Learn the secrets to hard money lending so you can better get funds from a lender if appropriate, and b) so that someday when you have the excess capital, you can tap into this simple way to generate great rates of return with very little risk or effort.
Rule 2: Know what due diligence and work you need to do before you ask to borrow the money or you will pay more than you need to.
Rule 3: Pay the hard money lender back as scheduled; you will have a great source for future money.
Because this is easy to get money, you pay a premium for the money.
* First you pay higher than conventional interest rates. Currently anywhere from 12-20% is pretty standard.
* Next, you may pay 5-10 "points". (A point is equal to 1% of the loan amount and is an extra profit center for the lender charged to the borrower for the privilege of borrowing the money. Isn’t life grand to be a lender?)
* Finally, some hard money lenders have "pre-payment penalties" in their loans of 6 months interest if the loan is paid off within 12-24 months.
Again, the reason you are glad to pay this extra amount is because the loan is easier to get than a bank loan and you can get more money quickly, allowing you to do a deal you otherwise couldn't.
For example, if you lock up a $200,000 house for a price of $110,000 we’d all agree that’s a great deal. Now you go to a BANK to borrow the $110,000 and what’s the bank going to say? "Where’s your down payment?"
Even with $90,000 of equity to potentially protect the bank, they will only lend on the purchase price or appraised value, WHICHEVER IS LOWER. In this case, they’ll only lend based on the $110,000!
However, a hard money lender is more than happy to lend up to the 60-70% of the $200,000 as is value.
And this is why you will often turn to them for short term loans to buy a property they plan to resell or refinance fairly quickly.
That said, you need to think like a hard money lender.
Inside the mind of a Hard Money Lender
To maximize your opportunities with Hard Money Lenders, you would do well to learn to think like them. These are items the lender will be evaluating:
* Seasoned hard money lenders only lend based off DEFINITE CRITERIA and not off of emotionally influenced relationships.
* Lend up to 70% of the As Is value (including points, money borrowed for repairs, etc.) MAX! (On upper end homes in an area, I’ll only lend up to 60-65% of the as is value depending on the area.)
* Have the property professionally inspected by an inspector the LENDER hires and "pays" for (which he will add into the money the borrower owes him of course.)
This keeps the lender safe from an investor making mistakes on the purchase and lending on a house with a serious flaw. The property is the lender's security.
* Be sure your borrower has calculated in the cost of all the large capital items needed (along with a contingency fund for the unexpected) and KNOWS what they’re getting into.
* Always get a lender’s title insurance policy. Make sure the title company you work with for closing gets a lender’s title insurance policy. As you would expect, the borrower will pay for this policy. If there is room, this is typically added into the loan principal balance.
* Give the borrower 1/4 to 1/3 of the repair funds (less than that if it’s a lot of money) at closing. Then, the remaining balance is released from escrow as the repairs meet pre-set milestones.
* When lending based on the loan as collateral, get the borrower to sign on the loan both in a corporate AND personal capacity.
Is hard money the right financing plan for your next project? Do your due diligence to ensure whether it is -- and make extra profits on deals you'd otherwise have to pass on.
Sharlet Briggs is a real estate entrepreneur who coaches beginning and seasoned investors to profit through real estate cashflow.
Prior to establishing her coaching business, Success Keyring, Sharlet spent multiple years as a real estate investor, a real estate agent and certified property manager. She has coached celebrities and individuals within the United States and Internationally.
Success Keyring offers a wide range of programs and services – from residential, including foreclosures & mobile home parks, to commercial real estate, unlocking the secrets to real estate including where to find money for deals. The coaching program specializes in Investors who want to duplicate the success of others and step up their level of investments, such as entering the foreclosure market or moving from residential to commercial.
Contact Sharlet Briggs at Success Keyring. Purchase hard money educational audio CD's at
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Get More To Know About Bad Credit(By Erika Anaya)

Nobody wants to be branded as a bad credit holder. But, if intentionally or unintentionally you have earned this dubious distinction then you need not worry. There is definitely a way out of this situation. Many questions must be arising in your mind. Let us see if you can find the answers here.
How bad credit arises?
First, let us understand how exactly it arises. A bad credit means that you have very less credit score mentioned in your credit report. Your credit report is available with credit reference agencies like Experian and Equifax. These are some of the credit reference agencies that keep on recording every fine detail in your credit file. Every missed repayment and CCJ is recorded in your credit file. A lender takes the services of these agencies before sanctioning any loan to you.
How can bad credit score be improved?
You can take several steps to improve your credit score. If you have any loans pending, do take care to repay them in time. Do not miss any instalment. If there are any discrepancies in your credit score or it has not been updated for a long time, do request the credit reference agency to do the needful.
Where are loans for bad credit people available?
Loans for bad credit people are available in the UK sub-prime market. A large number of lenders are operating in the sub-prime market that can provide you bad credit loans. These lenders charge more than normal interest rate because of higher risk involved in bad credit loans.
What if bad credit loans are disallowed?
If you have had a severe bad credit history and many loans are still pending, lenders may refuse you to give bad credit loans. In such a situation, you can think of Individual Voluntary Arrangements. It is an effective way of overcoming financial problems and writing off some of the debts.
For more information about bad credit loans, bad credit secured loans and bad credit unsecured loans please visit our website.
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Best Mortgage Refinance(By Martin Lukac)

Many a times you want to buy something, but you cannot manage doing so with your limited salary, you need some extra cash in your hand. In that case you might think of taking a mortgage loan. But what if you already have one high interest mortgage loan. All you need to do is opt for a mortgage refinance i.e. take a new loan to pay off the present one. Thus through best mortgage refinance you can solve your financial problems.
You can refinance your mortgage even if your credit history is not up to the mark. You just have to tell your personal lender about your credit history so that he can suggest you about what can be the best mortgage refinance terms and conditions for you.
There are many types of mortgage refinance options available in the market. Two of the most popular options for refinancing your mortgage are:
-No closing cost refinance: Through this option you can get very low upfront fees, with little refinancing costs.
-Cash-out refinance: Through cash out refinancing you can get some extra cash in your hand, without having to take a new loan. You can increase your cash liquidity by taking a best mortgage refinance. Through this money you can pay off any high interest debt, you can also reduce your monthly payments and save some money.
If you are able to steal the best mortgage refinance deal you can savor following advantages:
-Save money on Interest Payment: By refinance mortgage you can change your loan from higher to lower interest rate, at the time when the interest rate is low in the mortgage market.
-Shorten the loan term: You can also shorten the mortgage term period by refinancing your mortgage loan. Best refinance mortgage with a low rate of interest will allow you to pay more of the principle amount in the monthly installment. In this way you would be able to repay the loan in a shorter span of time. Thus you can reduce your 30 years mortgage to 15 or even 10 years.
-Get rid of Private Mortgage Insurance: The best mortgage refinance can help reduce many problems in your life. Through refinance those of you who have to pay Private Mortgage Insurance, can be free from this problem as by the time you refinance equity in your home must have risen.
-Shift from an ARM to Fixed rate mortgage: With mortgage refinance loan you can get the opportunity to exchange an adjustable rate mortgage for a fixed rate mortgage. Thus enabling you to have a steadier monthly budget and give you more security in your monthly spending with a fixed low rate of interest.
Before you opt for a mortgage refinance you should know all about the advantages, the market trends in interest rates, and factors affecting your prospects of getting a best mortgage refinance. You should do a small research yourself, and compare different loans or interest rates quoted by different lenders, so that you can get the best mortgage refinance rate.
Mortgage Refinance provides financial marketplace which connects consumers with multiple current refinance rates. For more information please visit Best Mortgage Refinance
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Friday, October 19, 2007

Cheap Secured Personal Loan - Finance your Needs at Low Rate(By George Bell)

When applying for a secured personal loan, do not think that just on the back of your home you will get the loan at cheap rate of interest. You still have to find out a right lender. Cheap secured personal loan comes at cheaper rate but you shall have to make extra efforts for it. you can get secured personal loans at cheap rate for renovating home, purchasing a dream car, wedding, going to a long holiday tour or for debt consolidation.
Cheap secured personal loan means you take the loan at cheaper interest rate which may also be lower than normal rate on secured loans. To get the loan at cheap rate you should be ensuring two basic aspects. First you should take secured personal loans from online lenders. These lenders always have cheaper rate loans as compared to banks other lending institution. This is because there is a growing competition amongst online lenders. To combat it they tend to reduce interest rate.
Secondly, you should be offering high value collateral like home to ensure cheap interest rate on secured personal loan. Interest rate gets reduced if the borrowed amount is kept lower than value of collateral. This way the lender feels more secured and safe and so he reduces rate. One advantage is that you can repay secured personal loans in 5 to 30 years as suits to your financial position.
As far as credit of the borrower is concerned, cheap rate of interest is ensured for excellent of good credit people with a record of timely paying loans back. If your credit history is less than perfect, still if your repaying ability is good the lender may think of reducing interest rate. The more you search for a suitable lender the more are chances of getting secured personal loans at comparatively lower rate from online lenders even if your credit history is not good.
George Bell has been associated with Finance Personal. To find Cheap secured personal loan, bad credit personal loan, bad credit secured loan,bad credit secured personal loan visit
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Avoid These Mortgage Refinancing Mistakes(By Martin W Hayes)

With the turmoil in the mortgage industry all over the news, many homeowners are contemplating whether it’s still safe to refinance their mortgage. The mortgage industry isn’t as dead as the media is trying to portray. Yes, lenders are cracking down on their criteria for borrowers; but with decent credit and a reasonable amount of equity in your home, refinancing can often create huge savings just in time for the holidays.
Borrowers must be aware that, if done incorrectly, refinancing could actually end up costing you a substantial amount of money. To help you avoid the mistakes that other borrowers often make, we've compiled a list of some common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:
Failing to choose the best refinance program.The loan that's best for you will depend upon your unique circumstances. For example, in some cases a 15-year term may be better than a 30-year term, depending on your situation. Be sure to use our "Am I Better Off Refinancing?" calculator to help you decide whether refinancing is worth your while.
Not performing a 'break-even' analysis.Remember, refinancing creates a brand new mortgage loan. In order for refinancing to make sense financially, you need to know how long it will take until you begin making back the fees involved with refinancing. A break-even analysis will give you this information. It's achieved by following this simple calculation: divide the total cost of the new loan (fees, closing costs, etc.) by the monthly savings off of your current payment. This will give you the number of months that you'll need to stay in the property in order to break even on your refinancing costs.
For example, if your total refinance costs were $1,000 and your new monthly payment is $50 less than your old one, then you'll break even in 20 months after refinancing. If you’re planning to move before you expect to break even, refinancing may not be your best option. Instead, you may want to consider taking out a home equity loan instead.
Paying too much for Mortgage Insurance.Private mortgage insurance, or PMI, is protection for the lender in case you default on your mortgage. It can tack on hundreds of dollars extra on your payment each month. However, PMI isn't typically required if you have at least a 20% equity stake in your home. If you refinance less than 80% of your home's value (LTV - loan-to-value), you shouldn't be paying for PMI. If at all possible, cap your refinance amount below that amount to ensure that you find the best loan.
Fixed-rate versus ARM.Refinancing is often viewed only in terms of a new fixed-rate loan. But in some cases an adjustable-rate mortgage can actually save you money – even if interest rates continue to rise. Again, it depends on your particular situation and the rate that you qualify for so be sure to thoroughly discuss your options with one of our lenders to find out if an ARM is the right option for you.
Not shopping around for refinance lenders.Many people refinance with their current lender simply for the sake of convenience. This can often be their biggest mistake, as shopping around for free refinance quotes can mean HUGE savings in the long run as your current lender may not have the best rates like they advertise.
You should carefully weight the savings you can earn by refinancing against the possible costs or penalties. Any homeowner can refinance their mortgage; the key is to weight your options to determine if refinancing is the best option for your situation.
Martin Hayes is a Customer Service Specialist with Loan Choice Direct.
For more help with refinancing your mortgage including many more articles like this one, please head over to to receive a free mortgage refinance quote.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

All About Adverse Credit Remortgages(By Michael Sterios)

In recent years, adverse credit remortgages have become a popular choice for people seeking to remortgage their property who suffer from adverse credit.
Regular high-street banks will usually not remortgage your property if you have adverse credit. However, there are specialist adverse credit remortgages available from various sub-prime lenders that may be suitable.
The term “adverse credit” refers to a situation in which an individual’s credit history is imperfect. There are a number of factors which can contribute, including County Court Judgements, defaults, arrears, bankruptcy, and IVAs.
Adverse credit remortgages are popular in the UK, with property owners rarely keeping the same mortgage product for more than five years. Changing products may occur for various reasons, including securing a better interest rate, freeing up equity, and consolidating debt.
Specialist adverse credit remortgages can help people to rebuild their credit files. If a borrower suffers from adverse credit and cannot apply for a regular mortgage, they may be able to secure an adverse credit remortgage that is designed to help people sort out their credit situation.
If the borrower keeps up the repayments on the adverse credit mortgage product they will eventually repair their credit file. This process can take several years but when it is complete and the borrower’s credit history is more favourable they may be eligible to apply for standard remortgages once again.
No matter what your individual financial position is, there are likely to be a number of adverse credit remortgages that you can apply for. There are products available to suit all kinds of situations including self-certification of income.
Self-certification adverse credit remortgages are suitable for people who cannot fully prove their incomes. This can happen when the remortgage applicant is not engaged in permanent employment with a steady income stream and instead is self-employed, or employed but paid through an intermittent income arrangement such as commissions and bonuses.
Adverse credit remortgages can even be arranged up to 100% of the property’s value. This can be particularly useful to borrowers need to consolidate other debts such as credit cards and personal loans.
Whatever your situation, contact a qualified mortgage adviser if you are searching for adverse credit remortgages to suit your personal situation. An independent adviser will help you to sort through the adverse credit remortgage maze and select the right product for you.
UK Mortgage Source provides up-to-date information on Adverse Credit Remortgages
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Bad Credit Loans(By Michael D Fernandez)

When a borrower has a bad credit history it's not the end of the world. There are still many companies that offer money for people with bad credit. These are called bad credit loans. So even if you have a bad credit history, and you have a situation where you need extra money there is always someone available to help.
By the way, a bad credit can be also a result of actions you performed, either on accident or deliberately. It could be that you missed your payments due or other things as well. But you have a chance to improve your financial status.
Bad credit loans may serve more than just one purpose of the borrower. It could be money borrowed for wedding expenses or education or debt consolidation and such. Another very important reason for taking a poor credit loan is when the credit history of the borrower can is bad and can be improved by monthly repayment of bad credit loans.
By taking a bad credit loan you have two options of borrowing money : the secured and the unsecured loan. Through the secured bad credit loans, the borrower can take up an amount in the range of 10,000$- 150,000$ for a period of 5-25 years. Through the unsecured bad credit loans, an amount in the range of 2000$ 50,000$ is available for borrowing. This sum has to be paid back in a period of 6 months to 10 years.
Since an asset is secured with the lender in case of secured bad credit loans, the recovery of the loan sum is guaranteed. That’s why it’s charged for a lower rate of interest. But for unsecured bad credit loans, the borrower is charged a higher rate because he leaves no guarantees. If you want to get the lowest rates, it is advisable that you take up a research for finding the low rate deals. This research is easier to do online.
Bad credit loans help you in fulfilling your needs without the difficulty of bad credit history you have. With bad credit loans you will not face any difficulty.
About the Author online loans provides articles related the Finance topics like Debt, Debts Consolidation etc...
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Refinance Home Loan(By Martin Lukac)

Home owners who are facing problems in repaying there loan dues on time can obtain a refinance on there first loan. It is an easy and simple process which enables them to solve the loan problem as well as covering extra expenses. Refinance Home Loan is available directly from the bank or a lending company. Nowadays it is also available online. The primary procedures can be done online. There are various refinancing packages offered by the lenders, who would suggest a package deciding up on the present financial status of the borrower. The lender may suggest a Refinance Home Loan deciding upon various factors concerning the borrower. There are some risk controlling measures too both on the borrower's part as well as the lenders.
Reasons For Obtaining A Refinance Home Loan
A Refinance Home Loan enables home owners to repay the previous loan and Cash out refinance will not only provide loan repayment amount but also some extra cash to spend for home improvements or educational expenses.
A borrower would even take a Refinance Home Loan to exchange a adjustable mortgage rate with a Fixed mortgage rate or otherwise. If the rate of interest is variable according to the market, the repayment rates often go much higher than expectation. But a Fixed rate helps a borrower to pay the same monthly interest without being bothered about the ups and downs of the loan market.
A Refinance Home Loan is taken primarily to lower down the existing interest rates of the first loan. This serves both the purposes of repaying the first loan and saving thousands of dollars while paying the interest.
A Refinance Home Loan For Debt Consolidation
A refinance can be taken for debt consolidation. Borrowers facing difficulty to pay his bad credits, bills, other loans can take up a Refinance Home Loan to repay these other debts. The refinance amount can be utilized in other expenditures like education or Medical expenses also.
Cash Out Refinance Home Loan
With some many options available in the market a borrower can avail Cash out on a Refinance Home Loan. Cash out refinance enables the borrower to repay the first loan and save extra cash for consolidation of debts, home improvements or other expenses. Cash out is obtained on the home equity of the borrower. The borrower will apply for a loan amount which is a little bit higher than the repayment amount. This extra cash in hand helps the borrower to serve other purposes.
Role Of The Lenders
The process of applying for a loan is quite easy. The primary process can be done online.
An in depth research will give the borrower a clear view of the loan industry. The borrower will then fill in the online application form. He would need to fill in the financial and personal details for a primary verification. The form can be submitted online. The lending company will then verify the documents and decide up on the loan amount. A Refinance Home Loan has always helped borrowers to give up their financial worries and a smooth debt consolidation.
#1 Home Refinance provides refinance financial marketplace which connects consumers with multiple refinance home mortgage rates. For more information please visit Refinance Home Loan
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Is it Time to Refinance Your Mortgage or Buy a New Home?(By Chris Robertson)

These days, you can't open a newspaper, turn on the television news, or pick up a news magazine without reading or hearing about the looming home mortgage crisis in the United States. When the housing boom was at its peak and home mortgage rates were at an all time low, lenders enabled people who wouldn't ordinarily qualify for mortgages to borrow money in order to buy houses.
Called subprime mortgages, this type of lending is often tied to interest-only house payments and adjustable rate mortgages. This means that the interest rates realign periodically. One wave of adjustments has already come, while another wave that affects many more homeowners is on the horizon. For many people, this interest rate adjustment can mean that their house payments can increase by several hundred dollars a month. In some cases, this puts a strain on families, while in other instances, borrowers are unable to make the increased payments and are forced out of their homes - either through selling or through foreclosure.
Because an increasing number of people are putting their homes up for sale, there is more supply than demand. This drives down home prices and thus the value of the homes that aren't on the market. News makers and reporters have been quick to say that the real estate boom has gone bust, and that many homeowners are stuck with mortgages that exceed the value of their homes. A closer look at the number reveals that, in some parts of the country, housing prices are considerably lower, while in other parts of the country, the effects have been minimal.
What does this mean to you as a homeowner and a borrower? With the Fed recently cutting interest rates, it's time to take a hard look at the lending terms of your mortgage and to decide if you're a candidate for mortgage refinancing. If you have an adjustable rate mortgage, you may want to refinance in order to have the stability of a fixed rate mortgage. If you have a lot of equity in your home, the still low interest rates might be an opportunity to take out a home equity loan for repairs and maintenance.
If you aren't a homeowner, but are considering buying a home, there's never been a better time to do so. In some housing markets, prices have plummeted, sellers are highly motivated, and builders are offering steep discounts and incentives on new homes. If you are planning to buy, one of the first steps you need to take is to find a mortgage broker, who can help you determine how much you can borrow, the price you can afford to pay for a house, and how much your payments will be. Some companies even offer an online mortgage calculator that allows you to plug in numbers and get a ballpark figure of the amount of mortgage you may qualify for.
Whether you're refinancing your existing mortgage or looking to buy a new home, it's important to carefully choose your mortgage company. Although your instinct may be to turn to the national lenders or national banks, some of the best deals can be found in your local area. Local mortgage companies are often in a better position to offer lower interest rates and better terms. The best way to find out about local mortgage companies in your area is to go online. Websites that specialize in helping people find mortgage lenders in their area allow you to search by state and then provide you with contact information for each mortgage company in your area. When it comes to new mortgages or mortgage refinancing, it definitely pays to shop around.
Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web. Learn more about Mortgage Overview and Tips or Majon's FinancingInvesting directory
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Debt Consolidation Home Mortgage Loan-Tips To Help You Get The Most From One(By Josh Neumann)

A debt consolidation home mortgage loan is a perfect way to reduce your debt obligations and manage your finances more effectively. Debt consolidation allows you to renegotiate your payment terms and make them more cost effective through a simultaneous home mortgage loan to refinance your existing loan.
Needless to say that the strategy has done wonders for a number of people. What debt consolidation does is that it gives you an option to rework your financing options and strategies to the betterment of your financial future. Whether you want debt consolidation for your credit card dues, consumer finance, marriage loan, medical expenses or other forms of loan assumption, debt consolidation is a perfect solution to all your financial woes.
If you own a home, debt consolidation can be a much sweeter option. This is because a home mortgage loan refinancing allows you to consolidate your existing loans and debts into low interest and easy payment terms mortgage loan. So much so that home equity loans or home mortgage loan has become almost synonymous with all sound financial decisions while making a big purchase.
Home mortgage loan allow you to bargain better terms for your loan as home is the security which you give to lenders against mortgage loan sanctioned by them. You also have the option to take out a debt consolidation home mortgage loan if you have a stream of loans to service.
By doing debt consolidation, your home mortgage loan is used to repay the high cost debt and get better refinance terms for your mortgage loan. A great refinance decision indeed if you see the long term benefits arising out of the whole deal. Today, debt consolidation home mortgage loan is offered by a large number of home finance companies, funds and banks as a part of their lending program.
Choose the debt consolidation program that best meets your financial requirements and parameters. This process really isn’t hard; there are many different sites on the internet that offer these types of loans. All you have to do is apply via the web.
One thing is certain. You can look forward to a bright and sunny financial future through debt consolidation home mortgage loan.
For personal debt and credit counseling tips, visit, and learn about poor credit student loans and others.
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Reverse Mortgages - What To Look For In A Reverse Mortgage Lender(By Terry Edwards)

If you have decided to get a reverse mortgage on your home the next big decision you will have to make is how to choose the right reverse mortgage lender. There are many out there to choose from, but how do you know which ones are the best. Keep reading this article to uncover some great tips on how to choose the right reverse mortgage lender that will meet your needs.
The most common type of reverse mortgage is the HECM which stands for the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. This is the only reverse mortgage that is insured by the federal government. They are insured by the FHA which tells the HECM reverse mortgage lenders how much they can lend you. This decision is based on your age and your home value.
Another type of reverse mortgage lender can be a state funded lender. The cash received from these reverse mortgage lenders will usually have stipulations on how you can spend the money. The money will be given to you in one lump sum but it must be spent for home improvement, to pay taxes or some other pre-approved expense.
Proprietary reverse mortgages are offered by banks or lending institutions. The money received from these types of lenders is able to be used in any way that you want. But proprietary reverse mortgages are usually the most expensive. If you live in a higher value home, you may be able to get more money from a proprietary lender. However, it's important that you always compare the advantages of a proprietary reverse mortgage and a more traditional of a HECM.
When you begin your search for a reverse mortgage lender, do so with caution. There are many good mortgage lenders out there but there are some dishonest ones also. Always check out a reverse mortgage lender thoroughly before you agree to anything.
Another option would be to enlist the aid of a reverse mortgage lender association. Do a search on the Internet and you can find a few associations that will aid you in finding a reputable reverse mortgage lender in your area of the country.
Read through the AARP website for a lot of great advice on reverse mortgages. AARP has several pages devoted to reverse mortgages. This site also has a free downloadable eBook that explains the whole reverse mortgage process in easy to understand language.
If you are worried about how you are going to be able to stay in your home, consider getting a reverse mortgage. You will make no payments on the mortgage during your lifetime or while you still live in your home. You will be able to get the cash to create a cushion to fall back on in case of medical bills or home repairs. Do some research and find a great reverse mortgage lender today.
By the way, you can find out more Reverse Mortgage Lender as well as much more information on everything to do with reverse mortgages at
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Home Loan Refinance Rate(By Martin Lukac)

Home refinance in other terms can be called refunding on the same property. Home loan refinances are taken up usually to repay the first home loan and continue the second loan with a favorable rate of interest. A home loan refinance always lowers down the interest rate from the prevalent interest rates. This profitable home loan refinance rate can be the biggest reason to refinance your home loan. There also can be various other different requirements for taking up a second loan or a refinance.
Reasons to obtain a Home Loan Refinance
You may like to change the tenure period of the first loan. You may even obtain a home loan refinance rate to shorten the duration of the repayment schedule. A quicker repayment helps to unburden the borrower from the loans. Shorter loan tenure may raise the interest rate a little bit. But paying the loan quickly will invariably save a lot of money.
Home loan refinance rate, which is bargained hard to get at the desirable rate, is the most important factor for a borrower. Some borrowers would often obtain a home loan refinance rate to change the variable rates of interest to a fixed one. With the refinance loan on the same property you can easily avail a fixed rate of interest. A Fixed rate of interest always remains unchanged throughout the period of the repayment of the loan. It does not get affected by the unstable market of the loan industry.
Procedures to obtain the Best Home Loan Refinance Rate
The Internet nowadays has made it quite easy and hassle free to search and apply for a home loan refinance. One can search the web to know the loan market. He can compare and judge the best loan package offered by the various lending companies and the banks.
To know one's eligibility one can fill in a loan application form with his personal details. The form will ask for the financial details of the borrower. It will need bank statements, credit statements, income proof and other related financial details to judge the eligibility of the customer. After submitting the form online the borrower has to wait for the detailed verification of his credit scores. A thorough checking of all the credit details will ensure the borrower of a grant of home loan refinance. If the credit records are extremely bad the lenders or the banks may also reject the loan application. In this case you may try other lenders to secure the loan.
Advantages of a Good Home Loan Refinance Rate
If the rate available for a home loan refinance is very low then it can prove to be a good deal saving of money. The home loan refinance rate is bargained between the lender and the borrower to make it as low as possible. The lowest rate will proportionately delineate all the extra costs of repayments and save a lot of money in the process. The home loan refinance rates are to be compared between the various websites offering different quotes, rates and terms. A reasonable comparison and a good bargain will help to resolve the financial problems of the borrowers.
#1 Loan Refinance provides home loan refinance financial marketplace which connects consumers with multiple Refinance Loan Rates. For more information please visit Home Loan Refinance Rate
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How to Refinance a Mortgage With Bad Credit(By Brandon Cornett)

A common question among homeowners looking to refinance is, "Can I refinance my mortgage loan with bad credit ... and if so how?"
The short answer is yes, you can certainly refinance your mortgage loan with bad credit. The longer answer is that you must go about things differently than a homeowner with good credit. And you'll need to make sure that refinancing the mortgage makes financial sense, given your bad credit situation.
We will talk about refinancing a mortgage loan with bad credit in a moment. But first, let's talk about the reasons why people refinance in the first place. Everything will make more sense if we start with this.
Why Do Homeowners Refinance?
Mortgage refinance is always a popular topic among homeowners. Many homeowners feel the lure of lower interest rates and seek to refinance their mortgages in order to capitalize on lower rates. If done properly, the refinancing process can lead to significant savings over the life of the new mortgage loan. Another reason people refinance is to get cash out of their home. This is known as a "cash-out refinance."
Mortgage Refinance Benefits - Time for Math!
When deciding whether or not to refinance a mortgage, you have to do a little bit of math. Fortunately, there are a plenty of mortgage refinance calculators online to help with this process. We have one such calculator in our Resources section. Basically, you want to make sure they money you save over the life of the new mortgage (after refinancing) surpasses the amount you'll pay to obtain the new loan (closing costs). If not, there's really no point in refinancing.
Bad Credit Refinancing
Okay, so now we know the basic deciding factors for refinancing. Now let's talk about ways to refinance a mortgage loan with bad credit. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that the interest rate on your new mortgage loan (after refinancing) will not be as low as it would for a homeowner with good credit. So the same basic math applies -- you should calculate your savings post-refinance based on the interest rate you qualify for, and see if those savings surpass the amount you'll pay to refinance the mortgage loan.
That's really all there is to it. Just remember this. When deciding whether or not to refinance your mortgage with bad credit, you need to get all the numbers up front in order to do the math. Find out (A) what your closing costs will be on the mortgage refinance, (B) what interest rate you will qualify for, and (C) how long you'll have to make payments under the new interest rate so that your total savings surpass your closing costs.
Protecting Yourself
Some mortgage lenders claim to specialize in bad credit mortgage refinance loans. Most do so legitimately, but a few companies out there use bad credit situations as a way of taking advantage borrowers. In the mortgage industry, these are referred to as predatory lenders. But you can protect yourself from such unethical lenders by continuing your mortgage refinance education, asking the right questions, doing the math up front, and getting everything in writing!
I hope you have enjoyed this brief tutorial on mortgage refinancing with bad credit, and I wish you the best with your financial future.
* You may republish this article online if you retain the author's byline and the active hyperlinks below. Copyright 2007, Brandon Cornett.
About the AuthorBrandon Cornett is the editor of Mortgage Refinance Advice, a collection of tips, articles and resources related to home refinancing and similar topics. Get more refi advice by visiting
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Mortgage Refinance Calculators Can Save You Time(By Francisco Segurata)

It may seem that you are stuck in a fixed-rate mortgage, but suddenly the interest rates are dropping significantly and you are missing out. An adjustable-rate mortgage would have allowed you to benefit from lowering rates, but you are in a fixed-rate mortgage. You may want to benefit from those dropping interest rates. Refinancing would be the answer. But will it really mean saving your more money? That is why the use of mortgage refinance calculators is so extremely useful.
If you’re looking for good mortgage refinance calculators you will have to look at what functions it has. Good mortgage refinance calculators have a comprehensive list of fields that you will need to fill in. These fields should consider all your present monthly payments and interest rates compared with those if you refinance. Additionally, it should include what costs will be incurred should you choose to refinance. Good mortgage refinance calculators are usually divided into two parts. One part includes the savings you would gain if you decided to refinance. You have to fill in fields regarding your current monthly payment, the current interest rate, the balance left on your mortgage, year left on current mortgage plan, the new interest rate and finally the new loan term. This will accurately calculate what you could gain from refinancing. The current interest rate, compared to the new interest rate will calculate how much you would save if you made the decision to refinance.
The second part on good mortgage refinance calculators would be the fields considering what refinancing will cost you. If you only look at the savings, it may look quite attractive and may seem like the best option to refinance. Before making your decision consider how much it will cost you. There will be fees regarding application, an attorney for you as well as the lenders, title search and insurance, appraisal, taxes, transfers, inspections, document preparation and other local fees. Also your points will cost something and a credit check needs to be considered. Just by looking at the fees involved, not only do you need to consider the costs, but also the time and paperwork you will need to spend doing. Refinancing does involve quite a bit of work. It is not just a simple switch over.
After finishing the second part on mortgage refinance calculators you will be in a position to make a well-informed decision. Before speaking to lenders or brokers or any other person, mortgage refinance calculators will aid you in making a solidly based decision. Knowing the costs compared to the savings as well as the paperwork involved will help you make the best decision possible. Refinancing could end up being the best decision you ever made, but at the same time it could end up being the biggest waste of time you ever make. Therefore, make use of mortgage refinance calculators and sum up what the costs will be before making any final decisions. When you are looking to ensure that you are getting the best deals in refinancing do not sell yourself short and look for the best deals when it comes time to visit lenders or other financial institutions.
Francisco Segura owns and operates
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Bad Credit Remortgage(By Steve Wheeler)

Those who have bad credit will be surprised to learn that they can obtain a remortgage on their property with little or no trouble. There are several mortgage lenders throughout the United Kingdom offering bad credit remortgages for people who have problems with their credit.
Many of these lenders are offering attractive rates to lure new customers to them. In addition, some lenders in the United Kingdom offer to pay administration fees, the cost of the basic home valuation and even the fee the solicitor charges to tend to the matter.
There are many reasons to remortgage your property. These include obtaining more flexibility in your mortgage, lower mortgage payments and to secure a lower interest rate. If you currently have a standard variable rate mortgage, for example, you may find it desirable to obtain a fixed rate mortgage so you can budget for the payments. A fixed rate mortgage generally has a higher rate than a variable rate; however, if you are paying a relatively high variable rate mortgage you may discover that the fixed rate mortgage now being offered by some lenders is lower.
If you wish to lower your monthly mortgage payments, you may choose to remortgage with a tracker rate mortgage. A tracker rate mortgage rate is generally lower than a fixed interest rate mortgage. The tracker rate is generally slightly higher than the Bank of England’s base rate. As the base rate is now quite low, it may be financially beneficial to remortgage using a tracker rate mortgage.
Many lenders offer discount rate mortgages that also tend to have a lower interest rate than a fixed rate mortgage. Unlike tracker rate mortgages, discount rate mortgages are based upon the lender’s rate and are generally fixed for a short period of time.
Those who wish to obtain more flexibility in their mortgage payments, may choose a mortgage that offers payment holidays in which the normal payment is suspended for a period of time. Others may choose a mortgage that offers the borrower to make overpayments on the mortgage without incurring a early repayment charges.
Other options available in remortgaging include getting an interest only mortgage or a split mortgage. Both of these mortgages substantially lower monthly payments as they require the borrower to pay only the interest, as is the case with a interest only mortgage, or part of the interest, as is the case with a split mortgage. Borrowers should realise that in both of these cases they are not paying down the capital owed on the property, which will fall due after a specified period of time. However, if you plan on receiving a large sum of money in the future, such as an inheritance, an interest only mortgage may be an ideal plan for you.
There are many different bad credit can remortgages available in the market today. Those wishing to remortgage their property can look at the variety of bad credit re mortgages offered in the market by visiting Finance Tracker to learn more about the different rates and types of mortgages that are available in the market.
Use the Finance Tracker service and apply for a bad credit remortgage at competitive rates. Finance Tracker will find you a re mortgage from the whole of market. They specialise in adverse credit cases for home owners.
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How To Quickly And Easily Find Good Reverse Mortgage Leads(By Terry Edwards)

If you are employed in the mortgage industry then you know how important good mortgage leads are. You are also aware of the growing popularity of the reverse mortgage. This type of loan will continue to grow as the baby boomers age and are faced with the daunting task of having enough money to survive during their retirement years. If you want your mortgage business to thrive, then it is important that you find a great source for reverse mortgage leads.
You can find hundreds of reverse mortgage leads by searching on the Internet. But there are several things to take into account to be sure that you are getting quality leads. This article will help you determine what to look for in a reverse mortgage lead.
First of all you want to make sure that your leads are made up of your target market. If you are specifically looking for reverse mortgage leads then your target market should be homeowners aged 62 or older.
Another thing that you should look for in a reverse mortgage lead is the value of the home and the length of time the homeowner has been paying on the home loan. Someone who is looking for a reverse mortgage is probably doing so because they need a large sum of money for a specific purpose. This may be medical bills, home repairs, or peace of mind knowing that they have a cushion to fall back on when things get really lean.
It is important that you find leads with a lot of equity in their home. Very few people would consider getting a reverse mortgage for a small amount. They want a significant sum that would be able to help them with their needs.
When looking for a good reverse mortgage lead service, it is a good idea to search through at least three different lead generation firms or sites. Do some comparison shopping to get the best leads for the best price.
If you can find a reliable reverse mortgage lead company that is dedicated to supplying you with the best leads, then you can devote more of your time to closing business deals. That, of course, is where the real money is made.
Do your research and find a good reverse mortgage leads company. Use them and watch your mortgage business flourish.
By the way, you can find out more on
Reverse Mortgage Leads as well as much more information on everything to do with reverse mortgages at
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Remortgage to Reduce Your Debt(By James Copper)

Its ten o'clock at night. The kids are in bed and you're ready to relax. Until… The phone rings. You sigh. Its the creditors again, you're just certain of it. So you allow the machine to answer for you. Mrs. Jones, we need to talk about the bills you owe… Will it never end?
This type of scenario regularly occurs around the globe on a nightly basis. Even though our economy is generally bullish, personal debt is at an all-time high thanks to maxed out credit cards.
Thus, if you're looking for a way to consolidate your many bills, why not consider remortgage as an option?
Remortgage is the process of switching your current mortgage to a new lender who can offer you a lower interest rate. Thats fine, you may say, But how does that help with my existing debts?
Basically, your new financial institution may also give you the opportunity to borrow enough money to pay off your creditors. Alternately, your lender may have a program to help you consolidate all your bills.
Will you still have to pay off all you owe? Absolutely. However, you wont have to pay out as much each month, and that means you'll have more to save or to put towards the principle of your remortgage.
For example, if all your bills, including your mortgage, add up to around 1,000 each month and you only bring in 900, you're bound to get further and further behind on payments. In the end, this can wind up with disastrous consequences, including repossession of your home or the need to file for bankruptcy.
However, if you remortgage your property with one of the many lenders who can offer you significantly reduced interest rates if you consolidate all your current debts, you may only need to pay out 800 per month. This means you have an extra 100 to save or put towards the principle amount of your remortgage.
With this kind of a set-up, you can get and stay out of debt, stop the endless phone calls from angry creditors or collection agencies, and eventually rebuild your credit history.
Best of all, the process of getting a remortgage is relatively simple and may even be easier than when you obtained your first mortgage. Though it should take a few weeks to settle all the financial arrangements, it'll typically fairly simple and the paperwork is relatively easy-to-understand.
You can also choose a remortgage lender thats not in your locality or even your country, thanks to the power of the Internet. When researching someone to conduct your remortgage transaction, check out several institutions interest rates and consolidation package offerings. Make sure you understand all the terms before you sign, but be open-minded. If you get the best rates from a legitimate remortgage lender that isn't in your region but has an outstanding track record, don't be afraid to pursue a relationship.
Remember a remortgage just might be your ticket to making sure the phone only rings with calls from friends and family.
James Copper is a writer for where you could get help remortgage
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3 Tips To Help You Save With Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing(By Lisa Solomon)

Personal debt can be overwhelming. If you have bad credit then you may also be hit with higher interest rates.
Bad credit mortgage refinancing can help you get out of debt and it is possible to refinance your mortgage even if you have a low credit score. Here are 3 things you need to know about bad credit mortgage refinancing…
Tip #1: Get a Credit Report
Find out just how bad your credit is before you approach lenders. You should be able to get a quote for your refinance from the lender with your credit score information. That way you do not have to have the lender pull your credit unless they have a mortgage that would fit your needs.
Tip #2: Negotiate With the Lender
If you have bad credit you may feel like you are lucky just to be able to get a mortgage refinance. The fact is that lenders might still be competing for your business. Get a detailed list of fees for bad credit mortgage refinancing including the interest rate, points, closing costs and any refinancing fees. You may be able to get some fees lowered or waived if you ask your lender.
Tip #3: Know How Much You Want to Borrow
Create a list of all your debts and the interest rates for each one. (Credit card debts, school and car loans, etc.) With bad credit mortgage refinancing you use your home equity to get cash back at closing. This extra money that you borrow may have a lower interest rate than some of your current loans. Many people use the extra money to pay off high-interest debt and help reduce their monthly payments.
Shop around and be a smart consumer. Bad credit mortgage refinancing can help save you money, but it is not right for every situation.
Lisa Solomon is a former realtor and self-proclaimed money-saving fanatic. In 30 minutes she saved $67,000 off of her mortgage. To find out her money-saving secret and get free home mortgage calculators and information visit
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Refinancing a Mortgage (By David Cunningham)

Some people are very fortunate and wind up hitting the mother load by finding a timely deal with a mortgage company, obtaining a lower than typical market rate mortgage loan. Low rates are the holy grail of house buying and refinancing. If you’re a normal, every day working person, then getting a desirable mortgage rate is easier said than done. To qualify for prime rates, you’ll need your home to be in very good shape, have a steady job, and clean credit. In essence, you need to be a safe risk.
When it comes to refinancing your mortgage, the process isn’t always as cut and dry as one would hope. You should take some time to decide when it is really the right time to walk through this process. Too many people jump the gun thinking they’ll get their debts paid off with lower mortgage payments, but that isn’t always true. Your financial history will surely be taken into account by the lending institution, and if it’s worse than it was when you first applied for a mortgage loan, you may be disappointed by their response.
Refinancing can be a smooth process, especially where the lender already knows you and doesn’t need to research further on your financial habits or your property. Also, it is beneficial to refinance through the company that provided your existing mortgage because you already have a working relationship with them. The company does not need to be as concerned about their risk of refinancing a current, reliable customer.
So timing is the key. There are several considerations to weigh, such as lower rates from other companies. It really boils down to your intent. Do you wish to refinance your current mortgage to save on monthly payments, or rather do you want to remodel or repair your home to increase its value? If it is the latter, then a separate, additional loan taken against the equity in your home may be preferable to refinancing your original mortgage loan. Factors such as these should weigh on your decision before looking seriously into refinancing. And by taking your time, you can consider alternative loan options offered by the same - or even a different - finance company.
Sometimes people get their mortgages at very high interest rates, perhaps due to past bad credit, or perhaps just bad economic timing. However, if they have built up a good credit rating through the years and can consequently obtain an interest rate at least two percent less than their current rate, then it is a good idea to refinance.
Once you make a final determination, be sure to research the methods, current rates, and the lending institution prior to your initial meeting. As professionals, their knowledge may sway you to make an expensive financial decision that is not clearly understood in your own mind. You may be offered a number of options, but it is up to you to knowledgeably choose the best which satisfies your real needs.
For practical
debt & credit assistance information, please visit, a popular site providing great insights concerning how to address your issues and worries related to nagging debt struggles.
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Stated Income Mortgage (By Anthony Rigney)

A stated income mortgage may be the best option for you if you have verifiable employment and an acceptable credit score (typically a FICO of 680 or higher). This type of loan is often used by self-employed borrowers because of the ease of providing less documentation. On the application you simply state your income but it must be accurate and reasonable for your job type.
Self-employed borrowers must be able to show a two year employment history in the same field. This can typically be done in one of two ways; either with two years of a State Business license or a letter from your CPA. For wage-earners the verification is much simpler. Often a telephone call to the HR department of the Employer will suffice. The lender will not attempt to verify income only employment.
If your loan is a SISA (state income state assets) you will also state your financial assets. On a SIVA loan (Stated income verified assets) you will be required to document your financial assets and account for any recent large deposits. Both fixed rate and adjustable rate loans are offered under these programs. Please be aware that if you select a stated income mortgage, you may receive a higher interest rate than could be obtained under a fully documented loan.
Stated income loans help prospective buyers who may not qualify for a traditional mortgage achieve their homeownership goals.
As always, it is important to carefully assess your financial situation before making a major commitment. This will help ensure that you don't get in over your head.
This article was submitted by Anthony J. Rigney. Mr. Rigney is the President and owner of First Integrity home loans LLC, a Florida based mortgage broker. For more useful tips please visit our website at the address below.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Five Reasons to Consider a Remortgage

Gone are the days when we took out a mortgage and stuck with it for life, until the debt had been completely repaid. The remortgage market is big business these days, and taking a look at the options available could considerably improve your finances. What are some of the reasons for considering switching your mortgage?
1) Get a better deal: Are you sure that your current mortgage is the best one you can get? The market is very competitive and mortgage providers are desperate to attract new business, usually by offering special deals to people who switch their mortgage over to them. As well as aiming for a lower interest rate and lower monthly repayments, remortgaging could net you other benefits such as cash back, free home insurance, or other valuable extras depending on the deal.
2) Lock in a low rate: Interest rates are at historic lows, even taking into account the recent rise. Many experts are predicting that rates will begin to rise again over the next few months and years, leading to more expensive mortgages. By replacing your variable rate mortgage with one that has a rate fixed for a few years, you can protect yourself against future rises in the interest rate.
3) Release equity: As house prices have gone through the roof over the last decade or so, many people find that they are sitting on a large amount of equity in their home - the difference between how much their house is worth and what the outstanding mortgage balance is. Taking out a remortgage that will pay off your current mortgage and also give you some extra funds is an effective way of unlocking some of this stored wealth, providing you with the funds you need for home improvements, a holiday or wedding, or any other large expense. It is often cheaper to raise the money with a remortgage than by, for example, taking out a personal loan.
4) Debt consolidation: It's well known that the public as a whole are in debt to a level never seen before, with easy access to relatively cheap credit providing the temptation to 'live now and pay later'. Nonetheless, the money has to be repaid at some time, and credit cards and the like aren't an ideal way of obtaining long term credit. Taking out a remortgage large enough to cover both your mortgage and your other debts will simplify your finances, leaving you with a single monthly repayment to make, which will usually be for a smaller amount than your total repayments at the moment.
5) Change your mortgage type: People's circumstances change over time, and what might have been an ideal mortgage a few years ago when you took it out might not be the most suitable for your current needs. Maybe you want to switch from an interest-only mortgage to a capital repayment one, or you might want to take advantage of some of the more recent features of mortgages such as flexible payments or offsetting - a remortgage can give you the chance to get a deal more in tune with your current circumstances.Bearing all the above in mind, a remortgage might seem like an ideal way forward for restructuring your finances. It's important to remember though that the decision to remortgage is not to be taken lightly, as you could potentially be putting your home at risk if you get it wrong, and so it's essential to seek the advice of a properly qualified mortgage advisor if you are in any doubt.