Wednesday, August 8, 2007

03:In the office

Lindsay Lohan
Haling from mixed heritage (Irish and Italian), Lindsay Lohan was born to a onetime actor, and a businessman Michael Lohan.on July 2, 1986 in New York City She was a born actress with innate talent for acting and modeling. Lohan started as a child fashion modeler for magazines and TV commercials while still in her infancy. So after her acting in a soap opera, when she made her motion picture debut as twins in Disney’s The Parent Trap in 1998, she was already an experienced performer. After her lessons from Sharon Stone, and getting even more polished in acting, she was offered a contract of three films signed by Disney. Lohan succeeded in filling "Hayley Mills"' shoes, winning over audiences with her pert charm as both the Californian Hallie and the British-raised Annie. Moving to ProfessionalismThen she went on to star in two TV movies: Life-Size with Tyra Banks (2000), and Get A Clue (2002). She also starred in the ABC-TV commercial series, which she hosted in commemoration of centenary of Walt Disney in 2001. Soon after a brief gap, Lohan was offered a leading role in another Disney’s Freaky Friday in 2003. Starring with co-star Jamie Lee Curtis Freaky Friday had all along been her biggest commercial film success throughout until 2005 earning 160 million US dollars worldwide. Lindsay went on with her first big starring vehicle, the comedy Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen at the start of 2004, and just after two months, Lohan proved she could carry a film. The Tina Fey-penned Mean Girls debuted very successfully, recovering its budget in the first week of its release. The year 2004 also saw 16 year old Lohan branch out into the world of pop music with the album Speak, and similarly the other A Little More Personal followed in 2005. But the pop involvement did not effect her mainstream work of film-making as she starred in Herbie at the same time. Playing a miserable poetess, the young actress ably held her own against Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin. Just at that time when the film opened in 2006, her first shot at a "grown-up" romantic comedy, Just My Luck, received little or no criticisms from the public. Seemingly undisturbed, Lohan set to work on another grande-dame comedy, Georgia Rule, in which she played a wayward, risk-taking teenage girl who is had on the mat by her stern grandmother (Jane Fonda), with whom she spends the summer. Late-night partying and RehabPerhaps fittingly, Lohan's own tardy behavior on the Georgia Rule set prompted a very public memo from the film's backers, who claimed that her late-night partying was not only endangering the shoot but an immediate cause of her being moved to rehab in early 2007. Although many critics prefer Lohan's performance over those of her rival co-stars, Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman, George Rule still tanked Lohan’s spoilt-child routine when it became publicity generated in May the same year. According to Lucia Bozzola, the ‘All Movie Guide’ the actress’ R-rated summer crack-downs continued with the thriller I Know Who Killed Me, and made the festive rounds, these multidimensional flops were complemented by an increasingly erratic public image, as Lohan found herself involved in two DUI arrests within two months' time that same summer. Both of these incited her stay in rehab, besides capturing large-scale media attention.

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