Friday, October 12, 2007

Bad Credit Remortgage(By Steve Wheeler)

Those who have bad credit will be surprised to learn that they can obtain a remortgage on their property with little or no trouble. There are several mortgage lenders throughout the United Kingdom offering bad credit remortgages for people who have problems with their credit.
Many of these lenders are offering attractive rates to lure new customers to them. In addition, some lenders in the United Kingdom offer to pay administration fees, the cost of the basic home valuation and even the fee the solicitor charges to tend to the matter.
There are many reasons to remortgage your property. These include obtaining more flexibility in your mortgage, lower mortgage payments and to secure a lower interest rate. If you currently have a standard variable rate mortgage, for example, you may find it desirable to obtain a fixed rate mortgage so you can budget for the payments. A fixed rate mortgage generally has a higher rate than a variable rate; however, if you are paying a relatively high variable rate mortgage you may discover that the fixed rate mortgage now being offered by some lenders is lower.
If you wish to lower your monthly mortgage payments, you may choose to remortgage with a tracker rate mortgage. A tracker rate mortgage rate is generally lower than a fixed interest rate mortgage. The tracker rate is generally slightly higher than the Bank of England’s base rate. As the base rate is now quite low, it may be financially beneficial to remortgage using a tracker rate mortgage.
Many lenders offer discount rate mortgages that also tend to have a lower interest rate than a fixed rate mortgage. Unlike tracker rate mortgages, discount rate mortgages are based upon the lender’s rate and are generally fixed for a short period of time.
Those who wish to obtain more flexibility in their mortgage payments, may choose a mortgage that offers payment holidays in which the normal payment is suspended for a period of time. Others may choose a mortgage that offers the borrower to make overpayments on the mortgage without incurring a early repayment charges.
Other options available in remortgaging include getting an interest only mortgage or a split mortgage. Both of these mortgages substantially lower monthly payments as they require the borrower to pay only the interest, as is the case with a interest only mortgage, or part of the interest, as is the case with a split mortgage. Borrowers should realise that in both of these cases they are not paying down the capital owed on the property, which will fall due after a specified period of time. However, if you plan on receiving a large sum of money in the future, such as an inheritance, an interest only mortgage may be an ideal plan for you.
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